Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Winter (almost)

Yup... it's cold and showing no signs of getting warmer here in Scotland. This can only mean one thing. It's Summer Winter!

I quite looking forward to it all kicking off, actually. Snow and all that. Contingency planning is being carried out at work and as I live just around the corner form the office I'm the one that definitely won't be snowed in... yippeee!!

A few pics from last season, seeing as I'm in in the mood.


A walk though the Southern Uplands, visiting Grey Mare's Tail, and the summits of Hart Fell and White Coombe. White out on the tops, compass all the way. A night at Gameshope Bothy.

A trip to the Atholl hills with the intention of crossing the Minigaig Pass between the bothy under Beinn Dearg and Ruigh Aiteachain bothy in Glen Feshie. Failed to cross the pass (got half way and turned back) but got some great views and a few nights in front of a roaring bothy fire.

And good old Arthur's Seat, which is great fun when it snows.


  1. Damn! I first thought those were pictures from this season! I'm really looking for the winter too. It used to be the best season but now that I have a packraft I'm not so sure anymore... But winter is still great season.

  2. can't wait! what footwear in the winter hills for you?

  3. Great pics David - didn't make the most of last year so let's hope for another cold one in Scotland. If nothing else, a packraft makes a great sledge!


  4. Cheers Chris - a chilly 3 or 4 day paddle down the Spey is planned for December if you're interested.

    Well done with the Fitzroy paddle by the way! Amazing trip. I'd have been scared witless by the crocs!


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