Friday, 4 May 2012

I'm a terrible blogger! fact I'm not a blogger at all really am I? This site has been dead for 6 months as surely as if I had been myself. Rest assured, I am alive and, as the saying goes, 'kicking'.

So what has been going on?

In December I had a great paddling trip down the river Spey, but apart from that the winter I had high hopes for never really got off the ground (instead I was working most weekends). I was really looking forward to blogging about the Spey trip but when I flipped my boat my camera became my ex camera and all my photos were, quite literally, washed away. Good thing I was wearing a drysuit, brrr...

Then came the Spring and I've been out on trips every weekend for the past two months. No trip reports though. Call me lazy or call me busy. The reality is actually a bit of both.

But now I'm just back from a trip that has got me itching to write. After approx 380km (I walked or paddled every single one of them), 14 days, 5 OS Maps and a small bottle of single malt, I feel I know the North West of Scotland a lot better than I did before. When I've sifted through my photos I'll certainly be writing this one up. For now, here is the map I laid down on Social Hiking via Spot.

Both Social Hiking and Spot are new to me. The former is a great way to 'share your adventure' in real time and the latter is a lifeline I am glad to now be in possession of. And they work well together, like chicken and stuffing... yum **note to self, don't blog when hungry**

On the subject of Social Hiking, here is another map that I created as a tester when I first got my Spot unit. This is a Packraft weekender I've done a few variations on. It is easy and cheap to access from Edinburgh.

I'm off to eat an entire Pizza which I estimate to contain in excess of 2000 calories!


  1. A terrible blogger or not, that looks like an epic trip you had in the northwest! If I will ever visit Schotland that's the corner I wouldn't want to miss. So looking forward to your story and pictures.

  2. Bring it on David. Cant wait.

  3. That is what I call inspiring David! Both, the long trip and the short ones with no time to write up!

  4. Replies
    1. I've been a terrible slow coach... But I'm nearly there!


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