Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My first attempt at film...

This is just an experiment, my first attempt to shoot and edit film. It was taken on what was meant to be a two day trip down the River Tweed (in the Scottish Borders) 30th and 31st December. The more interesting stretches of river are below this section. The section on this film is very flat. I camped on an island on the river at the end of day one. There were lots of partially eaten dead fish strewn around (Otters are good hunters but wasteful eaters). Overnight it rained and rained, and the river rose and rose. The wind was so strong on the second day that I soon quit the river and just went home. The battery on my camera had run out, anyway.

As far as shooting & editing film goes, I clearly have a lot to learn.

Playing this back, I don't think it was worth 4 minutes and 28 seconds of screen time - there's not nearly enough variety.  That's one lesson learned.

I'll be looking to improve on my next effort, so comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Happy New Year.

On the River Tweed from david hine on Vimeo.


  1. Cool!!

    I know what you mean... I have never managed to make a sub 4mn-video from footage taken on trips lasting more than a couple of days! Result: the video is in the end too long than necessary to be truly entertaining to the stranger.
    But having partners also help a lot in making interesting videos ;)

    I don't have much suggestions, except that you should buy an extra battery!

    Anyway, well done. waiting to seee more from you!

    1. Thanks Xavier! Yes,less definitely would have been more in this case. Lesson learned. I will absolutely be buying an extra battery (or two) :)

  2. Dave, I really enjoyed that to be honest! The music was a good fit and the fish heads were definitely interesting. Xavier makes good points - it was only a 2 day trip so 4 minutes is a tall order, and other people does help I guess. You could do 'face to camera' stuff I suppose to get round that. Overall it still made me want to get a boat and camp on an island though, so that's gotta be something!

    pint soon I reckon. happy 2013

    1. Happy new year to you, too. Maybe your resolution should be to buy a packraft...

      Yes, pint. Just give me a shout. I'm hankering for some winter hills, so if you're up for it?


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