Friday, 29 March 2013

Spring Snow

You wouldn't have believed it was Spring. The little lanes running up into the Lammermuirs had been snow-ploughed clear, but the resulting piles of snow at the roadsides were as high as the hedgerows.

The winds were forecast upwards of 40 mph, and the winds did not disappoint. If David hadn't brought a shovel, lunch wouldn't have been much fun. But dug into the snow we were comfortable enough.

Hills climbed were Meikle Says Law and Harestone Hill. Interesting wildlife spotted included a suspected bear (which turned out to be a badger) and a great many lanky hare. The hare were part way through their transition from white to brown. Caught out by the unseasonable conditions, their coats stood out against the hillside more than they usually would have. Toward the end of the day we found a dead hare, frozen into the drifted snow.

Meikle Says Law - Lammermuir Hills from david hine on Vimeo.

Last gasp of the Winter? I'm not so sure. It has been snowing today. Likely enough it will snow tomorrow.


  1. Love the lunch-time snow shelter. Just getting out of the wind makes so much difference when you're stopped. We have them down to a fine art over here now, two people side-by-side stomping out the seating platform on their skis while another grabs the shovel, jumps off their skis and digs the footwell and wall. The skis remain as the bench seat and some CCF pads sit on top. Luxury!

    1. I'd imagine that's a pretty important skill round your way! One of these days I want to learn to ski


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