Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Escape the City...

River Tweed from david hine on Vimeo.

Last weekend was sunny, and I went for wander with a friend into the hills above Tweeddale. We walked up Glensax and, after making camp at the head of the glen, slogged up through heather to the top of Birkscairn Hill to see the sunset with a bottle of single malt.  It wasn't much other than an escape from the town.

On the way back into Peebles to catch the bus the next day we crossed the river Tweed by a foot bridge. The water level was as low as I've ever seen it. I hadn't paddled the river up to that point this year, and so this weekend's escape plan was laid. I must have been one of the only people in Edinburgh hoping for a little rain during the week.

Saturday came, and off I went. It was a relaxing rather than an exhilarating weekend. The river is familiar, but I've yet to reach the point of finding it boringly so. I made a comfortable campsite at one of the better spots on this stretch of river after just a few hours of paddling. And in the morning I was in no rush to get moving, instead taking my time drinking coffee in the sunshine before eventually packing up and floating onward.

I do admit, it would be great to get out further afield on the weekends. But I have limited range when on weekend release from work. Of course, getting out there is partly a matter of just organising more and doing more. I have other longer trips coming up this year. But I will try and make more of the weekends, too.

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